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Hurricane Elsa Update

July 2, 2021

Dear Residents:

We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Elsa and are prepared to secure all common areas. We are going to leave as much out as possible so you can enjoy the holiday weekend, however, a plan is in place to finish securing property before the storm if needed. Any furniture that has been secured that you plan on utilizing we ask that you return it to a safe location when you are finished. We have been in contact with our vendors in preparation for the storm and we ask that anyone with ongoing construction to please contact your contractors and ensure that they secure your property and all materials. We are doing our best to ensure the community is ready for any storm and will be on site as soon as it is safe following the storm for clean-up if necessary.

We recommend all owners arrange to have personal property secured including outdoor furniture and any loose items pulled inside and hurricane shutters in place if applicable. Please include items such as trash cans, recycling bins, BBQ grills, pool items, ladders, pots, flags, wind chimes, etc.

Types of Warnings and Storms:

  • Watch: storm conditions are possible and could be reaching your area in 48 hours or less.

  • Warning: an announcement that a specified area has a storm moving in and expected to hit within 36 hours or less.

  • Tropical Storm: an organized system of thunderstorms, with winds from 39-73 mph or less. Tropical storms can develop into hurricanes.

  • Hurricane: a tropical cyclone with winds in excess of 74 mph. - Category 1: 74-95 mph - Category 2: 96-110 mph - Category 3: 111-129 mph - Category 4: 130-156 mph - Category 5: 157 mph or higher

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Tim Freeman

Community Association Manager

Grande Property Services

3754 Cape Haze Drive | Rotonda West, FL 33947

Tel: 941-697-9722 | Fax: 941-697-0738


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